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Dandelion Hypnotherapy About

Why Choose me?

Dandelion flower is a symbol of growth, hope, and healing.

I'm committed to giving people hope, sense of control over their mindset, how they approach life events to live in a more positive way.

I put the wellness of individuals at the heart of  of everything I do, and my core aim is to enable my clients to achieve their full potential, live a fulfilled life, with a positive mindset, and the confidence and strength to phase challenges life puts in front of us. 

How I can help

Stress and Anxiety

Learn practical techniques and strategies to live life events in a more positive way.

Habit Reversal

 Bad habits hindering you? Learn techniques to take control over them and even get rid of them completely.


Conquer any phobia which comes on your way to do what you want to do, without barriers.


Achieve your full potential through coaching and hypnotherapy interventions. Identify your personal goals, boost your self-esteem and gain the empowerment to be in control of your success

Sleep issues

 Develop healthy sleep habits and techniques to improve the quality of your sleep.  

career coach

Considering a career change or transition? Identify your career goals and ambitions, explore possibilities, overcome challenges to help you achieve your career goals and navigate your career journey


Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and coaching, provided either in person or online. We work with a range of individuals and would love to help you on your journey for growth.

Initial Call - Free

An initial call to help understand how hypnotherapy can help you.

15 minutes | Free

pink petaled flowers
1st Session 

Includes a full discovery of your issues, objectives and goals.

90 minutes | £85

white cherry blossom in close up photogr
Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing treatment as per our agreed treatment plan. Generally, 5 to 6 sessions in total for treatment.

60 minutes | £70

Personal & Executive Coaching 

Leaning on my experience in HR, I also offer personal and executive coaching.


Coaching helps enhance your performance and career effectiveness to ultimately improve your career growth and achieve your full potential.

Dandelion Hypnotherapy Coaching


Helping people through a personal journey of transformation.

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